Schools, homes and cars are the most prominent places to have a laptop stolen

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A school is the highest risk area for the theft of a laptop.

A school is the highest risk area for the theft of a laptop.

According to a top ten target area for the theft of mobile computers by Absolute Software, consumer computers are more likely to be stolen while at school or home followed by from cars, offices and universities or colleges.

The rest of the top ten consists of hotels, restaurants and cafes, shops, on public transport and airports – the latter of which Absolute warned about during last summer. The list is based on theft reports filed to the Absolute Theft Recovery Team by Absolute customers over a one-year period.

Mark Grace, vice president of consumer business at Absolute Software, said: “The trends in this list may surprise some computer owners. According to our experience, consumers think ‘it won't happen to me', they often think of security issues only when they are on the move. However, with schools and residences topping the list of places computers are stolen, owners need to be extra cautious.”


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