Organisations around the world have spent the better half of the last five years attempting to figure out how to deal with the mobile boom as it affects security and productivity. Secure communications for mobile is still widely overlooked and mission critical to the success of securing the Internet of Things (IoT) delegates were told by a panel of industry experts at yesterday's SC Congress New York keynote.

The information produced by the many devices of the IoT are developing a data exhaust, raising concern and challenges for security. Becky Bace, chief strategist for the Center for Forensics, Information Technology and Security (CFITS) at the University of South Alabama commented that the IoT would have to deal with the issues of data exhaust.

According to Nick Belov, vice president, information security, Bank of Tokyo – Mitsubishi UFJ, the IoT is an “immature ecosystem” that we are desperately trying to protect. There are still many challenges from security for manipulation of data, communication and IoT devices.

The panelists agreed that the IoT poses a great risk. Marcus Sachs, CSO, North American Electric Reliability Corp. pointed out that an IoT device has knowledge and control of its users. As humans, can we erase what the IoT knows about us?

In regard to privacy overseas, “The value of privacy in Europe is different from the value of privacy here (the US),”noted Sachs during the discussion on privacy. IoT development is therefore different as well.

“It's not too early to make a society decision,” commented Sachs regarding making IoT security “readily available”.