Scrutiny of shadow IT apps as cloud adoption increases

News by Ava Fedorov

A new report from Cloud Security Alliance reveals that despite understanding the importance of keeping track of shadow IT apps within their organisations, 72 percent of executives and IT managers surveyed did not know the number of existing shadow apps inside their companies.

As organisations increasingly move towards cloud services, shadow IT and security priorities are coming under deeper scrutiny. Companies are looking to balance internal security with external partnerships requiring SaaS apps. However, despite many issues still on the table, according to the report, 74 percent of respondents are confident in moving “full steam ahead” in adopting cloud technology.

“The past few years have marked a paradigm shift in IT's role, from provider to enabler,” Rajiv Gupta, CEO of Skyhigh Networks, commented in an email to Today more than ever before, he observed, “companies are aware of the consumerisation of IT but have room to more proactively address the security concerns of cloud adoption.”


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