Secerno has confirmed Alcatel-Lucent as the first member of its Security Consultants Programme.


The company is planning to use the Secerno.SQL Agile product for application security consulting by its security services division. As a partner of the programme they will be able to use Secerno.SQL Agile to efficiently conduct database ‘health-checks' to understand how applications interact with databases and check if they are vulnerable.


The programme been developed in response to the increasing focus on data integrity and the rapidly-growing awareness of organisations of the requirement to understand, and then control the internal use of data assets.


Anthony Coronato, director of Global Business Development & Partnerships at Alcatel-Lucent said: “Health-checks and penetration tests are standard for our customers but now we can add data stream analysis to also monitor how our customers' applications are utilising the data held in their databases.


“This enables us to discover anomalies such as: authenticated users carrying out unauthorised activity; credit card numbers being used by unexpected queries; new software versions violating the corporate data security policy; and what vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in applications or database stored procedures. This capability helps us to give a much clearer picture of database activity for our customers.”


Peter Simpson, VP Alliances & Partners at Secerno said: “The SCP is a key focus for Secerno as it provides partners with easier access to the benefits of Secerno.SQL Agile and gives them more opportunities to offer additional Secerno-led solutions for increased revenue.”