Second #Anonymous member speaks out against group's recent actions

Opinion by Dan Raywood

The Anonymous group is facing another member revolt in a week after a second 'anon' spoke against its actions.

The Anonymous group is facing another member revolt in a week after a second 'anon' spoke against its actions.

Naming himself simply ‘John Doe' and tweeting at JohnDoeKM, he began by criticising the proposed ‘opFacebook' which encouraged other to target the social networking site on 5th November, and went on to claim that the movement's aims had changed ‘since Lulzsec made random hacks ‘cool'.

He said: “What happened to the old method of discussing new ops (operations) and voting on their worth before announcing them? It used to work. It also stopped numerous fail ops that lacked potential. Made Anonymous more effective and focused. Is needed desperately.”

Looking back at the efforts against PayPal and MasterCard last year, he said that this was ‘all great work done by focused anons'. “Now there are millions of stupid ops. We are divided and have lost direction. This makes us ineffective and weaker,” he said.

“For example, as much as I commend people looking after the homeless, we dont need an op for it. People should just be nice without ops. Anonymous used to do great, world changing work. That's how we got where we are. Let's not throw it all away with stupidity eh?”

He also claimed that the public opinion of Anonymous is at an all time low because of ‘stupid lulz and retarded ops.' And that ‘the public loved us last year when we fought for good'.

“Now, no-one seems to know what they are fighting for, and the public tires of us. Media think we are failing. We need to unify and focus,” he said.

He also claimed that Anonymous members used to vote on operations, but ‘stupid ops got ridiculed and declared unofficial', but that does not happen anymore.

Looking to the future, he said that Anonymous should reform, show that stupidity will not be tolerated and that good work will be done again, that it should go back to the days before Lulzsec with ‘voting, focus, organisation', when it would not stand for trolls and lame operations.

He said: “Good, solid work that not only helps on a global scale, but that the public can get behind. That makes us proud to be Anonymous.

“Right now brothers, I am not proud of Anonymous. It is fractured and wild with no focus or direction. Overrun by cancer. Change is needed.”

He also said that the old system of voting worked but the new system of ‘free for all' does not and a movement ‘back to IRC for voting is the only option'.

He also called the ‘Antisec' operation a failure, as nothing of any real worth has been ‘leaked' yet and ‘it simply makes us look bad'.

During the series of tweets that have been going on for over four hours at the time of writing, he said that the more he was talking about his thoughts, the more other Anonymous members were admitting that they felt the same.

Earlier this week a former Anonymous member, who was known as ‘SparkyBlaze', publicly left the movement and criticised recent action in a statement. In that he said that when he started out he thought he was helping people, but over the past few months things inside Anonymous had changed.


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