Secret NSA map shows Chinese cyber-espionage targets in US

News by Robert Abel

A secret NSA map was obtained by a news outlet shows the locations of 'Victims of Chinese Cyber-Espionage' targets based in the US

A secret National Security Agency (NSA) map shows the location of “Victims of Chinese Cyber-Espionage" attacks launched by China against the US over a five-year period, according to NBC News.

Red dots mark successful attempts to steal data about American critical infrastructure from public and private sector firms. China was able to steal information including pharmaceutical product formulas, hybrid-car specifications, military intelligence and more.   

More than 600 cyber-attacks are marked by red dots with large clusters covering major metropolitan areas and industrial hubs such as the Northern Corridor and Silicon Valley. The largest concentration of attacks was in California with nearly 50 successful cyber-assaults.  

NBC's sources said the map was part of a briefing in February 2014 that was prepared by the NSA. The briefing noted that Google, Lockheed Martin and air traffic control systems were of interest to China.  


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