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Secret Server


£269 for 10 users

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Strengths: Provides solid password management through AES 256-bit encryption

Weaknesses: Configuration is confusing; difficult to manage

Verdict: Good product that needs some work on its ease of use

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Secret Server uses AES 256-bit encryption and role-based permissions to securely control access to privileged passwords and other sensitive information in a central, web-based repository. It can also automatically update passwords on remote accounts when they expire.

This product is a lengthy but simple install. Before it can be installed, Microsoft IIS must be in place and configured, along with the .Net framework. Once these are installed, SQL Server must be set up and configured. Now the Secret Server installation can begin. It consists of two parts. The first is unzipping the installation files to a website directory. For the second part, we had to browse this website and from there we were guided through the installation steps.

All administration is done via the web-based GUI. It has a nice layout, but functions and configurations are hard to work with. Certain configuration steps are confusing and not well documented. This product does integrate with accounts in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Unix and Oracle.

Documentation includes a PDF installation guide and web-based HTML user guide. The installation guide is well organised and provides a high amount of detail for the entire installation of the product, including the prerequisite components. The user guide illustrates product configuration and explanation of features. Both guides included many screenshots and examples, but while the installation guide had many step-by-step instructions, the user guide did not provide as organised a layout.

Thycotic offers fee-based support, which includes all minor and major releases, technical support for all issues using email, telephone and remote assistance.* There are also free support resources available on the product's website, including documentation, tutorial videos, forums and a knowledgebase.

We find this product to be average value for money. While the price tag alone is not too shocking, starting at £269 for ten users, the product itself is a little confusing to use and requires a fair bit of working with to fully understand how to use it.

* In the US. Contact regional offices for local support details.

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