The secrets behind our SC award success: Exabeam

News by Georganna Simpson

The SC Europe awards celebrate the companies, products and people that stand out - for all the right reasons - in the cybersecurity crowd. We find out what endeared the judges to Exabeam this year

Exabeam scooped the award for "Best SIEM solution" at the SC Europe 2019 awards on 4 June. 

We talk to the talent behind the technology, as well as the judges and our editorial team to find out why it came out on top. 

Why did Exabeam win? 

Exabeam eliminates the risk of cyber threats for any organisation using it. It incorporates a new approach to data protection relying on modern analytics, automation and human expertise. 

Traditional SIEM producers can no longer detect credential-based attacks and they limit data collection by charging by the byte. Exabeam brings a fresh, new approach as the first security management platform to actually deliver on the initial "promise of SIEM" by providing complete visibility into modern threats and giving an automated, intelligent response.

Why else did it stand out? 

Exabeam’s SIEM is a modular platform which means that its functionality can be sold individually. This allows it to sit alongside or replace existing offerings. The solution answers three problems caused by traditional SIEM: it allows for unlimited data collection, provides market-leading UEBA (user and entity behaviour analytics technology) and includes automated incident response through its pre-build playbook. 

How does it solve the client’s problem? 

It solves a big client problem: cost. Where most SIEM vendors charge customers by the amount of data they store, Exabeam’s pricing is based on a per-user, per-year subscription model. Since most clients have predictable growth in employee count, they also now have predictable license fees. The subscription fee also includes all relevant support and services, meaning no hidden costs or surprise bills when making changes to systems. 

Any stand-out stats? 

Exabeam is carving out a growing piece of the market, with 250 percent market growth in 2017, coming off 300 percent growth in 2016. And the company is on track to more than double its market size in 2018.

The award win…in quotes:

Samantha Humphries, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Exabeam: 

"We won the award for best SIEM for the second year on the trot. And we’re all super pleased. Exabeam has done a brilliant job at turning the SIEM market on its head. The future for us…it would be great to win the award three times in a row." 

Tony Morbin, editor-in-chief at SC Media UK: 

"In SIEM solutions we’re looking for visibility into what’s happening in your network. Using a mixture of automation, analytics and human expertise, Exabeam’s solution did just that. Excellent job, really well done."

Sarb Sembhi, CTO & CISO, Virtually Informed: 

"If you look at historical and where SIEM is going, you need to integrate with more and more feeds than you ever have done before. Because all organisations, to be able to protect themselves, are collecting far more data to stay safe. Exabeam is helping them to do that."

Read more about Exabeam's award-winning solutions. 


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