The secrets behind our SC award success: Ping Identity


The SC Europe awards celebrate those that stand out from the cybersecurity crowd. We find out why Ping Identity were one of those that stood out.

Ping Identity won the award for "Best Identity Management Solution" at the 2019 SC Europe awards. 

We talk to those behind the technology, as well as the judges and our editorial team to find out why it won. 

Why did Ping Identity win? 

The Ping Intelligent Identity Platform delivers secure and seamless access to all cloud, mobile, SaaS and on-premises applications and APIs.

Identity is a business imperative for enterprises looking to keep their corporate data safe. Organisations must ensure that only approved employees, partners and customers can access the right applications. Ping Identity focuses on authenticating users and authorising access to resources versus protecting the endpoint.

Ping manages identity and profile data securely; provides strong password management tools and federated single sign-on capabilities; manages access security for both cloud and on-premises applications from a single management point; provides advanced multi-factor authentication capabilities, and allows for auditing and discovery of any potential compliance violations.

Why else did it stand out? 

Ping Identity's solutions have been developed from the ground up to support the demanding needs of large enterprise customers and SMEs. It offers the only complete IAM solution for enterprise hybrid IT environments covering authentication, federation, authorisation, auditing and account management.

Most recently, Ping became the first company to leverage artificial intelligence to secure API infrastructures in public and hybrid clouds.

The award win…in quotes:

Phil Allen, Vice President, EMEA at Ping Identity: 

"Being recognised by a leading industry publication means everything to us. Knowing the process you go through and having the peer recognition from industry leaders who make the decision as to which solution wins is the most important thing we could ever have." 

Tony Morbin, editor-in-chief at SC Media UK: 

"We would really like to congratulate Ping on having a solution that the users like. That helps with the deployment of any new technology so great job - well done!"

Sarb Sembhi, CTO & CISO, Virtually Informed: 

"It does what it says on the tin. It will connect to mobile, to any SaaS environments, any cloud environments and legacy applications. It connects them very quickly and seamlessly which is what you want a solution to be able to do."

Read more about Ping Identity's award-winning solutions. 


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