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From £199 for ten IP addresses

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Strengths: Can audit many types of systems throughout the environment

Weaknesses: Setting up audits can be a little tricky at first

Verdict: A versatile tool, but a bit pricey under some circumstances

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Secure Bytes Secure Auditor is actually a suite comprised of several different pieces designed to audit vulnerabilities across a broad range of systems. This product can be used to audit Windows, Cisco and Solaris systems, as well as Oracle and SQL database servers. Through this thorough analysis of such a range of systems, administrators can be sure that all the various components across the network are secure and up to date.

We found this product to be quite intuitive to install and use. Installation takes just a few minutes and is guided by an easy-to-follow setup wizard. Once installed, management is done through a well-organised user interface, which is also quite intuitive to navigate.

In our experience, setting up a scan was a little awkward at first, as there are so many options that can be configured. However, after a few minutes of use we did become more comfortable with setting up the audit.

This product can scan many different platforms and we found this flexibility add greatly to the performance value of the product. After a scan is complete the results can be easily viewed by navigating a tree structure organised by system type. When the system type is expanded, assets are listed by IP address. Clicking on the asset opens up an information pane that provides all the details in a clear and organised layout.

Documentation for this product is comprised of a quick-installation guide and a user manual. The former provides a brief overview of installation prerequisites and steps. The user manual is a large PDF guide that supplies an excellent amount of detail and configurations for all the product features. Both these documents are well organised and easy to follow, with many screenshots and examples.

Support is available via phone and email. There is also a dedicated area on the website that includes a knowledge base and access to various resources and articles.

At a price starting at £199 for ten IP addresses, this tool may become quite pricey for larger environments. However, it does offer a great amount of flexibility and auditing capabilities for a broad range of different assets. We therefore find Secure Auditor to be good value for money.

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