Astaro's Security Gateway is to offer automatic configuration for the Apple iPhone IPsec virtual private network.


The company has focused on simplifying the VPN setup for the end user with assurances given that the tunnel has been configured securely and correctly.


Astaro's compatibility with the integrated Cisco IPsec VPN client on the iPhone enables users to access internal email servers, documents and websites securely.


Daniel Power, European sales director at KACE, acknowledged the problems of managing security for iPhone users. He said: “The real problem is the iPhone, as it has an IP address but how secure is the VPN for access to the corporate network? There is a new generation of phones but two are operating in the virtual space – the BlackBerry and the iPhone – and while the BlackBerry is secure the iPhone does need help.”


Gert Hansen, founder and VP of product marketing at Astaro, said: “The extreme popularity of the iPhone has led to many users requesting access to company data via this device, but the security of this access had been a cause for concern.


“With this auto-configuration feature, employees can be more productive and enjoy easy, secure access to the company network and its data. As I'm sure is the case with many people, the iPhone has become my smartphone of choice, and it is great peace of mind to know I can always securely access our internal business applications.”