Secure log-ins on Android, iOS phones simplified by Microsoft Authenticator

News by Bradley Barth

A new Microsoft Authenticator app feature sends device owners a notification when they sign in, rather than a one-time code to enter. Users simply tap an "Approve" button to access their accounts.

A new, simplified two-factor verification sign-in feature for phones that eliminates the need for passwords or one-time code entries is now officially available for Microsoft account-holders.

This new feature for the Microsoft Authenticator app, which works on Android and iOS, sends device owners a notification whenever they attempt to sign in, rather than a one-time code that must be entered. Users simply must tap an "Approve" button to access their accounts.

To get started, users must first add their accounts to the app, then enter their usernames whenever signing in from somewhere new.

"This process is easier than standard two-step verification and significantly more secure than only a password, which can be forgotten, phished, or compromised," wrote ?Alex Simons, partner director of programme management at Microsoft's identity division, in a company blog post.

The feature does not yet work on the Windows Phone, noted Microsoft, because the company is strategically concentrating first on the more popular, high-scale iOS and Android platforms. Windows Phone currently represents less than five percent of active Microsoft Authenticator users, the company explained.

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