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c£7,000 for 1,000 users for one year

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Strengths: Robust, highly customisable policy engine

Weaknesses: Expensive

Verdict: One of the most popular products of its type for large enterprises

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Formerly known as IronMail, this appliance is designed for the large enterprise and is loaded with many great features. It protects both inbound and outbound email. Inbound protection includes features such as spam, viruses, phishing, Trojans and hackers, while outbound focuses on protection of data through preventing sensitive data leakage.

This product can also ensure safe delivery of mail by integrating with many encryption platforms such as PGP Universal, Voltage or any third-party encryption server.

We found this product to be fairly easy to deploy and configure. The initial deployment takes just a few minutes and is guided by an easy-to-follow installation wizard, which helps configure the device and get it ready to place into the environment. After the wizard is complete, additional tweaking is done using SmartStart, which is also wizard-based and updates all signatures and anti-virus engines. All other management is done through the intuitive and simple-to-navigate web-based GUI.

This appliance has a very solid policy engine that can create many granular or broad rules easily to meet the needs of the enterprise. The device also focuses on regulatory compliance standards.

Documentation provided with this product is in the form of a printed setup guide and a PDF user manual. The former illustrates deployment options and guides the user through the initial configuration process. The user manual details system features and policy configurations for further device customisation. It also features many screenshots and examples.

Secure Computing offers many support tools included with the purchase of Secure Mail. These include phone and email support as well as online tools such as a knowledge base and customer forum. There is also web-based virtual training available.

Coming in at around £7,000 per year for 1,000 users, this product is not a small investment. However, it does offer solid features for the needs of the large enterprise. We would rate this product good value for companies that need extra robust protection.

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