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Secure Messenger 6.3


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Strengths: Includes user-controlled and seamless enterprise encryption options as well as content filtering

Weaknesses: Nothing we found

Verdict: Enterprise class email security with a ton of features at great value for money

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Tumbleweed's Secure Messenger consists of two products, the Secure Messenger and the email firewall. Both work together to form an enterprise-class content and identity-filtering solution. This helps make automated and policy-based decisions on how to secure message delivery, which is very transparent to the users. Capabilities include encryption, anti-spam and anti-virus.

The product is sold either as an appliance or as a software solution installed on a Windows 2003 host using a Microsoft SQL server backend. Our testing included the software solution and the components installed very easily on our Windows 2003 test machine.

The administrative interface is truly enterprise-class and supports the use of integrated LDAP authentication and role-based access control. Giving users an extra layer of control over encryption at the client level requires an additional host installation.

We found that the solution performed very well. Default policies can help significantly improve the security posture of both outbound and inbound emails right out of the box. Powerful content and identity filtering capabilities and a multitude of standards-based encryption options will help support most organisation's administrative and policy needs. Policy creation and enforcement is easy to accomplish, and both web-based secure messaging delivery and local client encryption capabilities are available. Digital signatures are supported using S/MIME at the gateway, for which recipient will need a compatible client. Typically, larger webmail-based services do not support S/MIME because of the network overhead required.

Documentation for various components is contained within several useful PDF files.

Multiple levels of support are offered. Gold-level office-hour support is included in the bundled pricing. Platinum 24/7 support and additional consulting services are also available. Tumbleweed's support portal site is top notch.

Pricing for the solution starts at £6,800, which represents fantastic value given the feature set. Organisations will be glad to see transparent encryption capabilities, user-driven encryption options and content filtering all in one solution.

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