MobileIron has announced the launch of an enterprise-level secure mobile browser.

Named the Web@Work Mobile Enterprise Browser, it said this offers enterprise-grade security for in motion and at rest data, and by containerising local web data with the use of data loss prevention controls, identity-based tunneling and access control, this secures the data while not harming the user experience.

Ojas Rege, vice president of strategy at MobileIron, said: “Users don‘t think about whether the web content and apps they need are inside or outside of the firewall. They just know they need them to do their jobs.

“Through MobileIron Web@Work, every authorised user can now get to both legacy web resources as well as new HTML 5 apps optimised for mobile use. By providing enterprise-grade security on the back-end and a native user experience on the front-end, MobileIron Web@Work is the only solution that fully addresses both the IT and end-user requirements for mobile web access to company data.”