Network Box has published the second in a series of ‘securing social media' guides for companies.


It is designed to help in-house IT teams educate their employees on the safe use of social networks at work. Written in response to a change in the policy of many companies over the past 12 months to allow mass access to social networking sites, it educates on how to avoid security or policy breaches.


It covers areas such as corporate bandwidth use, personal security of users, malware downloaded from unknown sites, often via links forwarded by people within its social network, and associated reputational risks.


Simon Heron, internet security analyst at Network Box, said: “We've seen a huge shift in policy recently. A year ago, many companies were saying to us they needed to ban access to social networks, mostly because of a concern about the impact on productivity.


“Now it's quite normal to use these sites for work purposes, such as networking, or customer service activity, for example. It's important that IT managers help to educate company employees on how to keep their corporate networks secure from threats such as phishing attacks or malware downloads.”