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Strengths: Granular policy control in an easy-to-use appliance

Weaknesses: Policy configuration could be a little more intuitive

Verdict: A solid product but we wish that phone support was a little more comprehensive for a tool as important to the enterprise as this

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Secure Web Gateway Anchiva-206 enforces web surfing policies and protects against web and email-borne threats.

It features an onboard threat database that prevents over five million or more web and email-borne spyware, viruses, adware and other types of malware including Trojans, backdoors and rootkits. Additionally it can be used to manage application controls such as IM and peer-to-peer.

We found this product to be quite easy to set up and manage. The initial configuration takes just a few minutes and is done through the web interface. This sets up an initial scanning policy and network connections. Once this is complete the appliance can be placed inline between the firewall and a network switch where it will begin to monitor network traffic. We found the web-based GUI to be easy to navigate and the policy setup was simple to do.

Anchiva-206 offers a great amount of flexibility when it comes to assigning groups and users to policies. Security profiles can be created to provide granular control of security groups, security blacklists and Active Directory objects. This, combined with an anti-malware engine that can scan protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP and POP3, makes this product a solid anti-malware gateway. We did find configuring security profiles to be a little confusing at first, however.

Documentation provided includes a short quick-start guide and a PDF administrator guide. The quick-start guide provides clear and easy to follow initial set up instructions, while the administrator guide details the product functions and advanced configuration in-depth. Both guides include many screenshots and diagrams.

Anchiva provides 8/5 phone and email technical support, as well as access to an online support area at a cost of ten per cent of the system cost per year. The appliance also comes with a one-year hardware warranty that is included in the purchase price.

At a price of £2,700 we find this product to be good value for the money. It provides solid scanning, granular policy control and is easy to manage.