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Secured eMail Enterprise 3.2





From £65 for 1-49 users

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Strengths: Very strong encryption

Weaknesses: Cumbersome licence management and higher than normal administrative overhead. High pricing

Verdict: An expensive product that delivers strong encryption but is time-consuming to manage

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Cryptzone's Secured eMail Enterprise is a desktop client application that integrates into Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes to provide email encryption. While the product does have a few enterprise-related features, a local client needs to be installed on every machine. A client also has to be installed locally on any recipient host wishing to read or reply to the secured emails.

Three primary components are needed to successfully deploy the solution: the enterprise server, the server administration tool and local clients. The server application simply initialises setup of the database and licences using Microsoft SQL 2000 or 2005. The administrative tool has some useful features such as importing users from Active Directory, but it's mostly used to manage the client component configuration.

We did encounter one problem and had to reboot after the client software failed to integrate its "send secured" button with Outlook 2007, even when Outlook was closed during the install. Licensing and registering users is a cumbersome and ambiguous process at first. We would have liked to see a much simpler and efficient mechanism.

Encrypting a message relies on a shared secret generated at the host level and combines to form a very strong encrypted messaging channel. Some enterprises may balk at the emphasis of having to manage clients and individual hosts instead of seamless and centralised encryption.

Also, shared secrets must be known by both parties and, although the solution works well between trusted enterprise domain users, external users have to be notified of the secret before they can decrypt the email. Client software is needed for all external users to read encrypted messages.

Documentation, available in PDF formats and online, contains many grammatical errors that ultimately reduce the professional appeal of the solution.

Cryptzone offers standard office-hour as well as 24/7 support via phone and email. The website contains a small support section with a host of FAQs, but we were unable to find a phone number for assistance.

Pricing starts at £65 for up to 49 users, which is not very good value given the emphasis on email encryption. Other email security features such as content filtering come as separate products.