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Secured eMail Enterprise v3.2


Secured eMail



£70 per user

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Strengths: Integratable, simple shared secret email encryption

Weaknesses: Client deployment must be done by administrators, weak documentation, only one type of encryption

Verdict: A simple product for the user, but it requires real administrative effort to maintain and deploy.

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If we had to find one word to sum up Secured eMail Enterprise it would be integration. It has some very interesting features. Unlike many products of this type, it directly integrates into an email client such as Microsoft Outlook and gives the user a choice by providing a "send secure" button that is separate from the usual send button. This software also integrates directly with Microsoft Active Directory which makes user management seamless.

This product is fairly easy to use. Deployment is a little tricky as the server and master database both need to be set up from scratch on their own machines. We found that even with setup wizards there were a few areas of ambiguity. Once the product is set up it must be licensed using the online licensing tool. This is also awkward to use at first.

However, after working with the product for a while we found using the server side became easier. The client side is fairly simple. Once a user has been assigned a licence, they can install the client and it integrates itself with Outlook.

We found the product's performance to be average. While the concept of integration is excellent, there are problems. First, this product uses only pre-shared secret as the basis of encryption/decryption. Second, the client is in the form of an executable that requires an administrator to install. In a Windows domain, this means an extra administration burden. Third, the recipient of an encrypted email also needs to install the client.

The product comes with several PDF guides including an installation guide and manuals for both the admin tool and the client. All are well-organised and easy to read. However, there are some places of ambiguity especially in the area of licensing.

Secured eMail offers phone and email assistance, plus a small support area on the website. This support area contains FAQs, a way to retrieve lost license keys, support forms, and installation guides and documentation.

At a price starting at £70 per user, this product is not very good value for money. While it does integrate well with an existing environment, it has several short falls and only offers one type of encryption.