SecurEnvoy has introduced the latest version of its SecurAccess authentication product.

SecurAccess v.5.3 allows users to log in with a passcode sent to their mobile phone, rather than having to carry around a security token, and gives users the ability to choose the pace of their migration.

The company claimed that as well as fast deployment, SecurAccess v.5.3 delivers ‘intelligent routing', helping companies avoid expensive roaming charges when communicating internationally with SMS requests automatically routed either via a modem or the internet.

The latest version also includes authentication of Windows Terminal Services and multi-language support for user names. An extended login process offers support for syslog – the IT industry standard for forwarding security log information in an IP network.

Andy Kemshall, co-founder at SecurEnvoy, said: “There are just too many points of access for traditional authentication to control, and businesses need the additional layer of security provided by two-factor authentication.”

“Deploying traditional token authenticators to an organisation of 15,000 users not only takes around six months, it also requires the services of a full-time administrator. Using SecurAccess v.5.3, 1,000 users can be deployed in five minutes. This enables employees to work as flexibly as possible, and employers to feel confident that the right people are accessing important company information.”