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SecureScout EagleBox SP 2.0






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Strengths: Highly flexible and customisable vulnerability assessment

Weaknesses: Has a slight learning curve

Verdict: If you have a complicated or highly distributed network, this is well worth looking at

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NetVigilance's SecureScout EagleBox is a highly comprehensive vulnerability management product. It is customised and tailored to the environment for absolute pinpoint accuracy and in-depth vulnerability analysis.

The feature that sets this product apart from its competitors is that this box is designed for multiple users to manage specific network segments, providing the ability to segment out a large environment for more specific attention to detail.

We found this product to be quite easy to install in our environment. NetVigilance did some preconfiguration for us as this is part of their customer-service process. Once we installed the box in our network we began setting up targets and scanning our test network. We did find the management web-based GUI a little overwhelming at first. Because this appliance is designed to handle many segments, we had a bit of trouble navigating the interface initially.

Overall this product is a solid performer. We liked the ability to manage specific segments and customise reports and results tailored to those segments. After we became comfortable with the GUI we found this box to be flexible and quite powerful.

The EagleBox is accompanied by three PDF manuals. The first is an installation guide that illustrates the steps to get the appliance set up in the environment. Next is the quick-start guide, which outlines some simple steps to use the product and get scans started. The final piece is a large reference manual containing detailed information on using the product and advanced features. All the documentation features plenty of step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

NetVigilence provides many support options to its customers, including onsite installation and customisation, phone and email technical assistance, plus updates and upgrades for 12 months after purchase. There is also a knowledge base and online support forum on the website.

At just under £3,000 this product is an excellent investment in vulnerability assessment for any size environment. It adds value by being customised specifically for the needs of the customer.

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