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Strengths: Easy to use, with a lot of scanning capability

Weaknesses: Could have a bit more documentation depth

Verdict: A solid product and excellent value for any size environment

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The netVigilance SecureScout NX is a network vulnerability scanning tool that at first glance might seem like the scanning tools from times past. However, this product packs a serious punch.

SecureScout can scan almost anything that has an IP address. This could include firewalls, routers, operating systems, or anything else you can find to throw it at. It can also do in-depth firewall testing and scan multiple subnets from one console.

The netVigilance product installed in minutes, which may seem surprising considering the amount of functionality it provides. We were scanning not long after the product was installed. The application interface is simple and very intuitive to navigate. There is a list of various scans, tests and exploits along the lefthand side grouped into categories in a tree structure. Scan results are displayed in a separate pane, showing information about various target machines. If these machines are clicked on, more detailed information is shown.

As part of the scanning process, SecureScout NX goes through three phases. First, it runs a port scan on all the hosts, next it runs the OS detection and then finally it runs the test cases. These test cases are the various scans and exploits launched against the target.

During the scan, a real-time log is generated in a pane at the bottom of the screen for easy viewing of current activity.

The only documentation we received with this product was a PDF quick-start guide. It took us through setting up the product and configuring and running the first scan. This guide included many screenshots and detailed step-by-step instructions.

NetVigilance includes ten hours a day, five days a week phone and email support with the purchase of SecureScout NX. There is also a support section available on the website, including a FAQ section, technical information and a user forum.

At a price of £445, this is excellent value for the money for any size environment.NetVigilance's SecureScout NX combines solid scanning and compliance capabilities in an easy-to-use form.

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