AEP Networks has announced the launch of CloudProtect to provide Security-as-a-Service to service and cloud providers.

It claimed that with this addition to its portfolio, it is ‘answering the call for policy protection by removing the cost prohibitive barrier to address the inherently shared nature of public cloud services'. The technology is being launched this week at VMworld, which is being held in San Francisco, California.

Mark Darvill, VP marketing and product management at AEP Networks, told SC Magazine that CloudProtect is a key enabler to servers, as it is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

He said: “One of its strengths and differentiators is it is the first Security-as-a-Service with no capital expenditure and with a secure remote solution access. One of the issues for the service provider is to share access and having to buy the equipment and licenses, one provider said to me that it can take until month 27 of a three-year contract to start turning a profit.

“The ability to provide a cost to a customer on usage means you can charge per user per day. We are offering them the ability to have unlimited access to our own technology in our own field, and the costs can change month by month. Depending on the content, it can be tens of pence per use.”

CloudProtect enables devices that are looking to access applications to be checked for full compliance with security standards. It assigns each device with an authorisation fingerprint defining the security posture, ensuring that only safe devices can access the application.