Security and authentication added to pay TV services from TC TrustCenter

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TC TrustCenter has been mandated to implement certification for the CI Plus standard in Europe.

TC TrustCenter has been mandated to implement certification for the CI Plus standard in Europe.


It is to provide certification to protect premium digital TV content against piracy with the new CI Plus Common Interface Standard. TC TrustCenter will provide certificate issuance and management services and the necessary registration for all manufacturers of TV devices, digital recorders and conditional access modules that want to license the CI Plus standard.


The CI Plus standard is an enhancement of the existing CI specification that eliminates vulnerabilities in content protection for Pay-TV content.


To ensure optimum security between the CA Module and the digital receiver, the new CI Plus standard uses a collection of established, industry accepted and validated techniques, including key management, device and message authentication and encryption.


The founder members of CI Plus - Sony, SmarDTV, Samsung, Philips and Neotion – have appointed TC TrustCenter to cover everything from vetting to verification of subscription requirements to contract management.


Michelle Lewis, account executive at TC TrustCenter, explained that before, people could hack in and download the films, which leads to piracy and forced the manufacturers to plug the hole and offer security.


Lewis said: “We offer digital certification for authentication and scrambling when they are being downloaded to the set top box or TV set. CI Plus injects the certificates into the TV that are created by TC TrustCenter. This is going to enable more business to be done as the providers want to enable secure downloading for consumer services.”


Mark Londero of CI Plus, said: “We chose TC TrustCenter because they demonstrated excellent technical expertise and an impressive responsiveness in adjusting to and acting on our specific requirements throughout the selection process.”


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