Two Scottish suppliers have been selected to help capture and process data for the Scottish census in 2011.


CACI (UK) will design and build the IT systems to carry out the data capture and processing services and brightsolid and dns will provide data centres and security advice respectively.


Thye online census will be hosted by brightsolid and all personal details will be held by the General Register Office for Scotland and kept confidential for 100 years after each census. Brightsolid will hold the information received from people completing their questionnaires online and will provide answers to the public's queries about the census.

Chris van der Kuyl, chief executive of brightsolid, said: “For the first time, people will be able to complete and deliver their census response forms ‘live' online. The project team expects a large proportion of the population to take up this option and that will focus demand on the capacity of the census website.”

Meanwhile, dns has been appointed to help CACI (UK) to meet the security standards used in the census, before these are carefully checked by the General Register Office for Scotland.


Graeme Cox, managing director of dns, said: “The integrity of data collection and storage within the census is of paramount importance to every Scottish citizen and dns is delighted to be working with CACI (UK) to deliver such a high profile project.”