Security and compliance platform with mobile control capability introduced by Proofpoint

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Proofpoint has announced the launch of an email security and compliance platform for the enterprise.

Proofpoint has announced the launch of an email security and compliance platform for the enterprise.

Enabling security, compliance, archiving and eDiscovery on a public cloud-based integrated platform, it said that Proofpoint CloudControl employs a three-tiered architecture that includes a secure infrastructure, shared cloud services and a series of enterprise application suites.

The three tiers include a secure infrastructure layer that offers cloud-based security and compliance applications with stringent service level agreements (SLAs); cloud services, such as threat detection, classification, encryption, search and analysis and policy enforcement; and applications to leverage the common secure infrastructure and shared cloud services.

These applications include Proofpoint Enterprise Protection for securing enterprises against malware and other malicious content; Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy for email and social-media compliance with standards (including HIPAA, GLBA and PCI DSS), data loss prevention and encryption; and Proofpoint Enterprise Archive for creating, maintaining and enforcing a corporate email and social-media retention policy, as well as for eDiscovery, regulatory compliance and email storage management. 

Andres Kohn, vice president of technology and product management at Proofpoint, said: “In the modern IT environment, organisations are faced with increased security risks, mounting compliance requirements and eDiscovery pressures. Traditional hosted services cannot keep pace with increased demands and changing needs.

“We have architected Proofpoint CloudControl to respond to the growing security and compliance challenges large enterprises face today, and to ensure that it will meet their needs tomorrow.”

Proofpoint has also announced the launch of a mobile family of applications to extend its email security, compliance and archiving solutions to mobile devices. It said that the mobile solutions run on Proofpoint CloudControl security and compliance platform and are delivered either through lightweight native applications or mobile-optimised web-based applications.

Peter Galvin, chief marketing officer at Proofpoint, said: “Employees and executives are demanding the ability to use their personal consumer devices for work, and they are using them whether their company allows it or not. The Proofpoint CloudControl platform is enabling mobile email security and compliance, ensuring corporate IT can meet its requirements, while allowing employees to utilise a new generation of consumer devices.

“We recognise that security and compliance must be interwoven into any mobile initiative. Without it, costly data breaches and compliance violations will occur. Our cloud-based mobile applications will allow any enterprise to welcome consumer-based technology into its communications fold.”


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