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Lack of encryption in cloud applications rendering enterprises vulnerable

Enterprises are developing and using enterprise applications on a large scale for various purposes, but a lack of encryption, coupled with serious security flaws in such applications, is also rendering enterprises vulnerable.

Intel's Krzanich sold £29 million in stock before chip flaws disclosed

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich's sale of Intel stock in November before security flaws in the chip became public is raising some eyebrows among regulatory and legal officials.

Severe security flaw found in Windows 10-bundled password manager

A Google researcher has uncovered a severe security flaw in a password management tool that has been widely bundled with Windows 10.

Update: TeamViewer releases emergency patch for permissions flaw

TeamViewer has rushed out an emergency patch to fix a security flaw that could allow hackers to take over other machines during an active session.

Nearly 1m sites at risk because they use 'insecure' SHA-1 encryption

Close to 1 million websites are at risk from fraudsters because they continue to place their trust in security certificates using the vulnerable SHA-1 hashing algorithm.