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£77 per seat

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Strengths: A strong product from a technical perspective

Weaknesses: Not as polished as other enterprise-class offerings

Verdict: Although technically sound, the product is pricey and has quality issues

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Secuware Security Framework is a directory service integrated product that contains a server and client software application used to manage whole disk or file/folder encryption policies. The server component installs using many common LDAP integrated directory services. Clients are managed from either a standalone local policy or a 'domain' policy pushed down from the central directory service.

Installation was straightforward. We tested the server software within our Windows 2003 Active Directory environment and installed the client component, Crypt2000 on our test Windows XP SP2 machines.

Secuware does a great job of explaining the granular technical details of its features, including pre-boot authentication, multi-factor support and overall methodology, including locking down peripheral devices as well as the entire hard disk using AES 256-bit encryption - definitely a strong point. The ability to create policies and apply them to groups or objects using Active Directory MMC console is a nice touch.

Delivery was somewhat lacking. The interface was not as polished as you would expect from an enterprise product.

During our testing, we were not able to remove or uninstall client software from our endpoints. Even from a centralised server perspective, the ability to remove client components was notably absent. Once we requested it, Secuware sent a different client component that contained a method for removal. We did not see any monitoring features, so were unable to see progress associated with encrypting a drive or how long it took.

Although documentation was helpful in a general sense, we found a few translation issues within prompts, dialogue boxes and messages.

From a support perspective, we were unsure what was included. However, Secuware does offer 24/7 support as an additional option. The website had a few FAQs but no support portal.

Pricing for Security Framework is listed at £77 per seat for up to 100 seats and volume pricing for 501-1000 seats is £45 per seat. The administration console is an additional charge of £2,685. Pricing is high given the unpolished nature of the product.