Eighty-five per cent of employees say that security has added value to their company, while 40 per cent say security limits their ability to move information around.

According to a survey of 300 IT professionals by Voltage Security, 46 per cent of respondents said that employees have bypassed security controls to access necessary sensitive information to get the job done.

Dave Anderson, senior director of marketing at Voltage Security, said: “The results show that organisations employ an array of restricting security tools that struggle to make data available to the right people, though the fundamental issue of security remains - protecting sensitive data is the key requirement.

“Security can, and should be, seamlessly integrated into current business processes, rather than standalone functions that enable employees to protect information at all times. Deploying a data-centric framework will enable companies to protect sensitive information at all times, while still allowing employees to access, use, and move the data within the enterprise as needed to perform their duties.

The findings also found that while 29 per cent of organisations would notice within seconds or minutes if sensitive data wasn't secured, 40 per cent said that they would never notice.