Mobile users are experiencing more security issues than ever before and spending more time and money on recovering from incidents.


New research from McAfee in its Mobile Security Report 2009 has shown that security is proving a barrier to service innovation and the development of new business models. It claimed that half of all global manufacturers have reported mobile malware infections, voice and spam attacks, third party application problems or incidents that caused network capacity issues.


More than 40 per cent of manufacturers reported that they had experienced security threats across the complete range of the most common mobile security threats. Voice or text spam attacks have hit the greatest number of devices with incidents affecting 17 per cent of manufacturers last year.

There was also a considerable rise in the number of issues with third party applications and content, with prematurely released applications causing severe network capacity issues or crashing and locking devices altogether.


Three quarters of respondents agreed that carriers and manufacturers should carry the cost of security and only 12 per cent thought that users should be involved with handling security measures.


Victor Kouznetsov, senior vice president of McAfee Mobile Security, said: “Attempts to make the mobile ecosystem more open have shown early signs of success yet attacks on mobile networks and devices continue to grow in both complexity and sophistication.


“This elevates concerns surrounding the security for both existing and emerging services. Hence it is encouraging to see that mobile manufacturers are looking to regain control of providing security functionality to safeguard their users.”