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£633.75 annual subscription fee for 100 seats (exc VAT)

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Strengths: Web-based administrative console. Support for Linux

Weaknesses: Fairly basic feature set that only covers the fundamentals

Verdict: It works well as intended, but larger organisations may need more features and customisation

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ManageEngine's Security Manager Plus from Zoho is a pure-play patch management system, which allows you to manage the assessment and deployment of both Windows and Linux (Red Hat, Debian, SuSe and CentOS) patches in the environment.

The server component runs on either Windows- or Linux-based servers and the console itself is web-based, which allows for easy centralised management.

Installation was very easy and we were able to get everything up and running within minutes. After we logged into the system for the first time, we realised that the entire theme of the Zoho solution is its simplicity.

After reviewing the capabilities and features, the system does not allow for much customisation and seems targeted to only the very basic and foundational elements of patch management, with no extra protection mechanisms: asset discovery, deployment of agents to hosts, querying of hosts against a master list of patches, remediation and reporting.

Enterprise administrators seeking a highly customisable solution or extra features won't find them, but might be assuaged by the simplicity. If the intent is to keep it simple, Security Manager Plus certainly does satisfy that particular goal.

In our testing, it was fairly easy to supply the system with credentials, find assets within our domain and begin the process of deploying any missing patches.

Documentation for the product is available as a help file directly within the software itself. Overall, we deemed the information adequate; however, we noticed that a few references to components within the system were incorrect. Also, the help file includes information regarding features that are not available in the standard edition, which may confuse some administrators.

Although the support site does not contain a knowledgebase, both a FAQ section and user forums are available on ManageEngine's website.

Overall, we feel the tiered pricing and limited feature set would represent good value for smaller organisations. However, larger and more complex environments that need customisation may have to do additional research on other products that offer more features.

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