Camelot has deployed FireEye's Web Malware Protection Servers to protect against advanced cyber attacks.

The UK National Lottery operator has enhanced its existing multi-layered security to protect its brand and National Lottery assets against targeted and advanced attacks following the spate of targeted attacks in 2011 on high-profile corporations around the globe.

Paul Jay, head of information security at Camelot, said: “FireEye adds another weapon to our armoury of multi-layered security solutions and offers reassurance and insurance against the new breed of advanced persistent threats.

“It also is a vital aid in collating, informing, reporting and managing threats in compliance with the processes required to meet internal and external regulations set down by our regulator, the National Lottery Commission.”

James Todd, European technical lead at FireEye, told SC Magazine that this was one of the first UK companies that it worked with and allows the user to monitor traffic within the organisation and data centre.

He said: “We approached them and we put the product in and ran tests and, based on the results, they could see the potential. Also they deemed it to be necessary for extra protection. It was very much a group decision with IT and risk, and they understood what the risk was and that the cost of not doing it was determined to be unacceptable.

“They have an online accounts system and millions use this to play, so the key for them is business reputation and continuing in the event of an attack, so there is an acute awareness of protecting third-party data.”