The claim against Google could lead to further criticism of the security of cloud computing.


Steve Moyle, co-Founder and CTO at Secerno, claimed that the Electronic Privacy Information Center request to investigate Google is not really surprising.


Moyle said: “It is unsurprising that genuine concern has been raised by the Federal Trade Commission about the security of cloud computing. The outages experienced by services like Gmail show that one aspect of security – constant availability – is clearly lacking.”


He further asked how providers can be sure that data ‘in the cloud' is totally secure. He said: “More worrying are the other two aspects of security: confidentiality and integrity in cloud services. How can the cloud providers guarantee that your data cannot be read by another service user? How can they ensure that the data is not tampered with?


“Cloud computing vendors will find it extremely difficult to prove beyond all doubt to the FTC that “safeguards are verifiably established.”