Secure enterprise file sharing vendor Safe-T has launched a platform for end-to-end security on any device.

Designed to protect data in transit, it offers secure email, collaborative content management, anti-virus and malware detection, according to the company. Each product in the suite can be deployed individually or together as an integrated approach.

Also offered is the RSAccess Secure Front End, which the company claimed eliminates the need to duplicate sensitive information on both sides of the firewall, thereby avoiding security vulnerabilities and helping to reduce email system stress, storage needs and bandwidth consumption.

Safe-T said that its solutions are deployable in a wide variety of configurations including cloud services, appliances, virtualisation and standalone software.

Roei Haberman, COO and VP business development at Safe-T, said: “Today with the increase in workforce mobility and cloud implementations, there are new security threats that require an innovative approach.

“Unlike security companies that focus only on a specific specialisation such as managed file transfer, secure email and data loss prevention, at Safe-T we integrate with existing solutions and enterprise systems to prevent security holes, and make organisations more resource and cost efficient while providing complete end-to-end security.”