A man has been arrested in the Canadian province of Quebec on a charge of hacking hundreds of computers.

According to Canada's CBC News, Joseph Mercier is expected to face charges of unauthorised use of computers in Canada, the United States, France, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

Mercier was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Its spokesperson Charles Vallée said Mercier gained control of his victims' computers and was able to copy sensitive data. “He can copy every keystroke that is made and he can also view and record images through the webcam of the owner of the computer,” said Vallée.

He also said that Mercier ran his scheme from his home and from his employer's computer system, where he was in charge of the company's security. Vallée said that the investigation is ongoing and more charges could be laid, but did not confirm whether Mercier was working alone.

Yesterday, 16 people were arrested in the US, UK and the Netherlands in connection with attacks on PayPal, AT&T and InfraGard.