The future of the security professional is secure but more pressure should be put on vendors to offer cloud computing.

Speaking at the CSO Interchange in central London, Philippe Courtot, CEO of Qualys, claimed that with the use of cloud computing there are changes to be made within businesses, but to manage this the 'business needs to change'.

Courtot said: “We seriously urge you to look at the cloud and participate, it is good news that the job of the security professional will be necessary but it will use the old Reagan mantra of 'trust but verify'. The work of the security professional will change from a technical one to one led at board level with security in mind.”

However Courtot claimed that there is an uncertain future for the IT professional, due to outsourcing, where their dependence will not be so in demand. “The entire security industry is faced with a bigger challenge. The customers of tomorrow are not the same as today as the internet is moving into the cloud, this is a huge challenge for the high tech industry”, said Courtot.

He also claimed that security professionals should put pressure on vendors to offer cloud-compatible to organisations.

Courtot said: “How many McAfee or Symantec products are you using? For an enterprise solution we need a different type of solution that we can produce and embed into the solution.”

He later claimed: “It is also much easier to switch a cloud application than it is with an enterprise application. Things are changing, it is up to you to put pressure on the vendors.”