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Serious DoS flaw spotted in WordPress platform - affects most versions

Vulnerability so simple, anyone could use it. Security researchers have discovered a flaw in open source CMS WordPress that would allow a hacker to take down a website through a DoS attack with a single machine.

New Mac malware - MaMi - hijacks DNS connections

Malware can steal passwords, take screenshots and access files. Security researchers have discovered new Mac malware that can hijack DNS settings.

How WannaCry crippled the NHS and a security researcher brought it back

Into the breach: how a security researcher and other cyber-security experts working together and alone stopped a virulent strain of malware in its tracks.

Wi-Fi can imprint passwords and PINs onto radio signals

Researchers from a collection of universities in China and the US have apparently created a method of discovering passwords by looking for the interference that body movement makes in WiFi signals.

Crafty downloads: they had you at 'free'

Security researchers from Google have published the results of a year-long investigation into the practice of pay-per-install software bundling - and they aren't impressed.

Updated: Apple reveals potential iOS security flaws in unencrypted kernel release

Apple has released an unencrypted version of its latest operating system for iOS 10, giving security researchers an unprecedented opportunity to scour the kernel for security flaws.

Worldpay merchant portal allowed merchants to view customer card data

Worldpay's electronic payment gateway setup pages offer poor security seals on credit card details, according to a security researcher.

Facebook threatens security researcher over 'keys to the kingdom' exploit

Wesley Wineberg claimed to have discovered a million dollar bug in Facebook but the social media company has objected to the intrusive nature of his investigation and threatened to sue him.