Ratings website Security Scoreboard has announced that it has received an initial angel investment following the appointment of a chief executive officer.

The crowd-sourced website, which offers end-user reviews and ratings on security products and was established last year, confirmed the investment and said that it plans to raise additional venture funding later this year.

Former chief marketing officer of LogLogic, Dominique Levin has been appointed as CEO of Security Scoreboard. She was also previously VP of marketing at PoliVec and held positions at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone and Philips Consumer Electronics.

“The recent funding and the move to Silicon Valley will allow us to tap into engineering talent to accelerate our roadmap,” said Levin.

Dr. Boaz Gelbord, president and co-founder of Security Scoreboard, said: “Security Scoreboard recently introduced new analytics capabilities, which highlight top vendors by user ratings and present trends on site visits. We are looking to add more sophisticated analysis leveraging user generated data.”