A security firm in Johannesburg has been hit by a hacker from Turkey.


Named iSKORPiTX, who has carried out more than 200,000 attacks in the past month, of which 180,000 were mass defacements, he was reportedly monitored by GTSP before they were attacked.


Jacques van Heerden, owner of GTSP, said that while the site was compromised none of his client data was located on the site server. He said: “We used Joomla!, which was not properly secure, it has vulnerabilities, and one was exploited. We left the index-page up for three days once he defaced it to see what he would do. We set up the honey-pot to monitor his behaviour – this is what we do.”

He admitted that the site was not  advanced but it was re-designing its index-page on a new platform and, in the meantime, the site has been taken down.