BorderWare Technologies has launched its Dynamic Inspection tool to address limitations and holes left by outdated URL filtering solutions.


The company claimed that there are over one trillion websites or URLs indexed, and categorisation databases list between 30-60 million, leaving 96 per cent of the web uncategorised.


The Dynamic Inspection can perform a real-time examination and analysis of all webpage content. By using advanced analysis in conjunction with policies set by an organisation, Dynamic Inspection is able to evaluate each webpage within a site, before it enters an organisations network, instead of blocking entire sites based on generic terms in the URL or content that may falsely identify threat.


It is not based on a compiled database, which BorderWare claimed can produce false positives due to sites changing and the need for daily administrative attention, but it is a real-time engine performing content filtering for every webpage along with URL categorisation and anti-malware.


Shawn Eldridge, vice president of products, BorderWare Technologies, said: “URL filtering has been good for identifying a small subset of popular and known websites, but as the web has grown exponentially and security threats have gotten more sophisticated, the methodology isn't scalable enough on its own to keep up with the web.


“Dynamic Inspection was created to address the limitations of URL filtering and ensure that the content organisations need in order to conduct normal business makes it through the system, while protecting the overall network in a manner that is more consistent with the evolution of the web.”