Conference speakers of the future are to be given the opportunity to be mentored and trained via the ‘rookie track' at next year's Security B-Sides London.

With offers of an experienced mentor to help the speaker prepare for a friendly, introductory environment, the rookie track is designed to bring new blood into the speaking circuit.

B-Sides London rookie track co-organiser Robin Wood told SC Magazine that they were inviting people who have never spoken at a conference before to submit talks with full support available to help them with it.

He said: “It can be very daunting to get up on stage and speak for an hour in front of a large group of peers, so the rookie track is deliberately offering short talks – just 15 minutes, in a controlled environment with only 20 people maximum for the room.

“We are hoping that once people have given their first talk they will realise that it isn't as bad as they think it is and will go on to present in the future.”

Asked what sort of people they were hoping to attract, Wood said that the target audience was originally students, but a mix of students, junior pen-testers/researchers and general security enthusiasts have already submitted ideas.

“The range of talks goes from fairly technical to soft skills required for talking to management,” he said.

Mentor Brian Honan, head of the Irish computer emergency readiness team (Cert) and consultant at BH Consulting, told SC Magazine that he was looking forward to seeing how he and the presenter worked together.

He said: “I hope to provide the person I am mentoring with a number of things, all with the purpose of building his confidence in delivering the talk.

“I see my role as one where I give guidance on how to structure the presentation so as to ensure the key messages are delivered clearly and concisely. This advice will be on how to structure the presentation, how to identify the key messages and how best to make the audience learn from the presentation. I will also share some of my experiences from presenting at conferences to build his confidence and calm any potential stage fright.”

For more information on submitting content for presentation, visit the application page. To apply to be a mentor, enter your details here. Security B-Sides London will take place on 24th April 2013, at Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall.