Managers are struggling to fill positions as candidate salary expectations and skill levels do not match.

According to a survey conducted by (ISC)2, of the 2,800 professionals that participated in the survey 775 had hiring responsibilities, with 44 per cent of those looking to hire additional information security staff this year and over 11 per cent planning to add more than three people.


The areas of expertise most sought after by those seeking candidates were (in order of highest demand): operations security; information risk management; access control systems and methodology; applications and systems development security; and security management practices.


Over 80 per cent of hiring managers identified that they are challenged in their efforts to find the right candidate. The range of concerns included a lack of desired skills or lack of available professionals within a local area; poor cultural fit; and salary demands that were too high for available budgets, particularly from people who had previously worked within the financial services sector.


John Colley, managing director for EMEA, (ISC)2, said: “Demands on professionals are changing. Companies want more for their investment, and professionals need to keep their skills and expectations in line with what businesses are looking for. Training and professional development will be essential for individuals as they manage their careers in this tough economy.”