Security vendors offer free tools

News by Danielle Correa

Security vendors AlienVault and SecurEnvoy are now offering free resources to companies so they can better protect themselves against attackers.

AlienVault is offering a new version of its Open Threat Exchange (OTX) at no charge. This latest offering concentrates on social sharing technologies and enables security practitioners worldwide to research and interface on emerging threats, gather data better and quickly implement threat data into their own security systems.

Threat intelligence isn't only sent from vendor to consumer - much like the function of Twitter, it is validated by the community who is able to vote on the findings. Participants in the AlienVault OTX community can create and share 'pulses', subscribe and follow pulses and export and integrate these into their own existing security infrastructure.

“It has been shown time and time again, that if we work together as a community and freely share threat information and resources we can identify attacks sooner and react quicker, before they become devastating breaches,” said Barmak Meftah, president and CEO of AlienVault.

Meanwhile, SecurEnvoy is offering free cyber-security assessments to businesses in order to protect them against the rising number of attacks in the UK and loss of millions of pounds in the country's economy. The no obligation check-up will give organisations a thorough understanding of their security vulnerabilities and how they can be overcome.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) brings two of the following together to provide a stronger sense of security: something you know—a password or PIN; something you are—a fingerprint or retinal scan; something you own—or a mobile device, wearable device, QR code.

“Businesses must be prepared for breaches and ensure their assets are protected by a comprehensive authorisation system,” said Steve Watts, co-founder of SecurEnvoy.


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