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Strengths: Good feature set. Easy installation and a simple-to-use 'push' option to install client components

Weaknesses: Documentation needs improvement. Support options lacking

Verdict: Features are trumped by poor English translation and delivery issues

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SecurStar's DriveCrypt Plus Pack Enterprise Edition is a centrally-managed server product used to disseminate whole disk encryption policies to client endpoint machines. The client/server architecture is meant for a Windows environment and supports most current versions, including Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. However, you can import user groups from any common directory service, which avoids having to recreate them.

Installing DriveCrypt Plus was among the easiest installs we've had to do in quite a while. The administrative console wasn't the best-looking interface we've encountered, but after a few minutes we were able to create policies. A very welcome feature is the ability to push client components directly from the management interface. Push technology and communication happen over the network, so modification of any existing firewalls for client and server machines is a necessary step.

DriveCrypt Plus contains many of the features you would expect in an enterprise environment. Pre-boot authentication, support for multi-factor devices and the ability to secure physical ports as well as the entire hard drive, are all there. When you push a policy to configure a hard drive, it would have been nice to see the status of the job in terms of an estimated time of completion.

The only documentation was a link to an online help file. This did outline several key features, but we noticed features listed in the overview section that left us unsure how to use them. The product also came with a SecurWall feature within the administrative interface, but there was no explanation of it. SecurStar informed us that this was an integrated firewall feature, since disabled because of compatibility issues.

Overall, we would have liked to see improved documentation, including more emphasis on correct translation into English. On the support website, we saw some helpful video tutorials.

SecurStar offers free email support, but requires additional options for phone support.

Pricing starts at £95 per seat. We feel this is decent value for money, given the features, but we would like to have seen better documentation for the enterprise environment.

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