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Strengths: Many granular data leakage prevention policy controls

Weaknesses: Deployment of clients could be a little simpler

Verdict: Very good value, especially considering its broad range of policy management, though users should expect to take a bit of time in early deployments until they get the hang of what needs doing

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Sensitive Data Manager by Identity Finder comprises the Data Discover Endpoint and Enterprise DLP Console. The former provides the ability to secure sensitive data across all of the Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints throughout the enterprise environment. Administrators can use the latter to automate searching of confidential information, such as passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data - ensuring that it is encrypted, protected or disposed of properly across all of the machines on the network.


We found installation and setup of this tool to be easy and straightforward. Much of the initial setup is done by way of a short wizard that can be launched from an executable installer. This aids in configuring the backend database connection, as well as configuring the Internet Information Services (IIS)-based web management console. We did all further configuration through the management console, which we found to be quite easy to navigate.


We did find ourselves slightly confused on how to deploy policy at first, and it took us some time of reading through documentation to figure out the procedure. However, overall we found this suite to be fairly easy to work with and had little trouble after we spent some time with it.


As for policy, Sensitive Data Manager offers a lot of features. Included with the suite are the tools necessary to deeply scan systems across the network and via cloud storage, and to find all sensitive data that needs to be secured, shredded or quarantined. Moreover, there are additional modules available that can make this a whole lot more powerful. These additional active modules can crawl company databases, Microsoft Exchange email servers, web servers and SharePoint servers for possible leaks or misuse of confidential or sensitive information.


Documentation included user guides for both the administration console, as well as the endpoint application. The console guide included detailed instructions for setting up the product, along with configuration information and clear, step-by-step instructions. The endpoint user guide focused on the client application and was more geared toward the end-user. 


Identity Finder offers no-cost access to eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week phone- and email-based technical support, along with a large aid area on the website. This includes a knowledgebase, user forum, documentation and a FAQ section. Customers with subscription-based licences also get access to dedicated support agents via phone or a remote session. 


At a price starting at c£3.18 going up to c£31.87 per seat, we found this product to be excellent value for money. Sensitive Data Manager offers a lot of data loss prevention capability in an easy-to-configure package. Also adding to the overall value of the solution are many granular policy controls that can be pushed out based on the already existing user and group structure - ensuring an easy and seamless deployment.

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