Sensitive Data News, Articles and Updates

Misconfigured Amazon Web Services bucket exposes 12,000 social influencers

Another misconfigured Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 cloud storage bucket has been left insecure this time exposing the sensitive data of 12,000 social media influencers, most of whom were female.

Hackers using sophisticated malware to target Winter Olympics organisations

Sophisticated implants such as Gold Dragon, Brave Prince, Ghost419, and RunningRat allow hackers to steal sensitive data from systems owned by organisations involved with the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

UK schools must invest in online strategy and encrypt sensitive data

New research from Web Foundry that polled 1,000 parents of children of school age suggests that UK schools need to invest in their online strategy.

84% of UK consumers believe fewer than 20 companies hold their personal data

A majority (84 percent) of UK consumers believe that fewer than 20 companies hold sensitive information about them online.

Rate of successful visual hacks in the UK is 87%

In the UK, the rate of successful 'visual hacks' — many achieved by viewing people's computer screens — was 87 percent. The worldwide average is 91 percent.

Top 10 security concerns identified for moving data to the cloud

The top 10 concerns that prevent enterprise businesses from moving their sensitive information to the cloud have been identified.

Data reveals average company has 9.9M accessible files to any employee

In 2015, the average company had roughly 9.9 million files accessible to every employee regardless of their roles.

One petabyte of sensitive data exposed online in big data security gaff

Organisations failing to protect information within Big Data projects