Since Christmas Day, Linode has been receiving multiple and large DDoS attacks. Trying to damage Linode's business, a bad actor is buying huge amounts of botnet capacity.

Alex Forster, network engineer at Linode, addressed a number of attacks that were received and that occurred numerous times. Over 30 attacks were seen during the week of Christmas and New Year that included:

  • Volumetric attacks directed to all of Linode's authoritative nameservers
  • Volumetric attacks directed to all of Linode's public-facing websites
  • Layer 7 attacks to Linode web and application servers
  • Volumetric attacks to Linode colocation provider's upstream interconnection points
  • Volumetric attacks toward Linode network infrastructure

Working around the clock Linode has found ways to mitigate the attacks, but the attack vectors have changed. Linode plans to share an explanation on the multitude of attacks once they stop.

Forster said in his update, “We are working extremely closely with all of our technical partners, including our network equipment vendors and our colocation providers, to prevent future attacks.”