Session monitoring advanced with new solutions from e-DMZ Security

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Real-time session monitoring and auditing has been added to e-DMZ's Total Privileged Access Management Suite (TPAM).

Real time session monitoring and Auditing has been added to e-DMZ's Total Privileged Access Management Suite.

It claimed this will further enhance users' ability to manage complete user privilege/access by allowing real-time session shadowing and action of active sessions before malicious or accidental events can occur.

Scott Hammack, CEO for e-DMZ Security, said: “Our customers rely on the TPAM Suite for its flexibility to solve the critical issues associated with compliant privileged control in a modular fashion based on their specific needs.

“By adding real-time ‘over the shoulder' session monitoring, we are able to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and scalable privileged access management solution, while maintaining the ease of use they have come to expect.”

In addition to active session monitoring and control, version 2.3 enhancements include greater configuration management database integration, increased support of widely distributed architectures through e-DMZ Security's Distributed Processing Appliance (DPA) and a more extensive graphic user interface (GUI) to assist with troubleshooting. Version 2.3 also provides added support for bi-direction file transfer control through Privileged Session Management (PSM) proxy and added platform support for HP Non-stop (Tandem), Palo Alto, Stratus VOS and Open VMS.

Speaking on the privileged session manager, vice president and managing director EMEA at e-DMZ Security, Andrew Clarke, said that this will allow a session to be ‘recorded'. He said: “It will record who is doing what and what they are doing, their accessibility while accessing the system. You will have a view of what they are doing.”


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