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SHA-1, fixing the faulty security gene: proactively hunt down and remove

David Cohen informs the C-Suite why it should care about SHA-1 and identifies three key questions they should be asking their cyber-security team.

Google mulls catching up Mozilla, Microsoft to drop SHA-1 certs early

Google considering following Mozilla and Microsoft footsteps and dropping support for insecure SHA-1 certificates earlier than expected

ICYMI: Windows deprecating SHA-1; Apps leaking data; Safe Harbour II; Auto-rooting adware; Apple Pay

In Case You Missed It: the most popular articles from the past seven days. Windows accelerates SHA-1 deprecation, Too many apps leaking personal data, Safe Harbour 2 coming soon, Apps auto-rooting Android devices, and Bank warning to Apple Pay users.

Windows accelerates SHA-1 deprecation

Microsoft is set to bring the date after which its Windows browsers will no longer accept SHA-1 to the middle of next year after new research has shown the cryptographic hash function to be even more vulnerable than previously thought.

Mozilla may reject SHA-1 certificates six months early

Mozilla has stepped up pressure on enterprise companies that continue to use SHA-1 certificates after research last month demonstrated the algorithm could be broken in as little as three months.