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Self-inflicted ransomware: Is your data hostage to uncontrolled encryption?

Employees have to choose between leaving data unprotected, disrupting their work to use the company encryption tool, or protecting data on their own; once an employee encrypts a file on their own, the company has no control.

Why apps & the rise of shadow IT are posing new threats to organisations

The app-blended lifestyle poses problems for CIOs, CISOs and those responsible for keeping an organisation safe and secure. Mike Hemes, says shadow IT is a real issue and one we can only see increasing over time.

Shadow IT increases vulnerability to cyber-attacks say most IT depts

Most (88 percent) IT decision makers in UK and German organisations believe that shadow IT makes them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Shadow IT and the Middle East - innovation versus risk

The onus on forward-thinking businesses shouldn't be on stamping out shadow IT, says Ed Macnair, but rather encouraging employees to adopt and get the most out of their tools of choice in a secure and productive fashion.